My film / video career.

I have acted in films, tv series and shows, music videos, short films, tv commercials, documentaries and in the National Theater in Iceland. Here are some examples of projects I have participated in through the years.

Alan Doyle - Testify - a Russell Crowe/Allan Doyle song


Sönn Íslensk Sakarmál - Kúluhamarsmálið


Also participation in the following films/videos.

Game of Thrones Season 3


Game of Thrones Season 4


Noah Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Russell Crowe, Emma Watson Movie HD




Woodkid - I Love You (Official Video)


DEAD SNOW 2: RED VS DEAD Official Trailer (2014) HD


Some of my own videos


"Boris the criminal"

Boris is in jail and needs money to get a good lawyer,so he starts a kickstart on Indiegogo! This is his presentation.

Unexpectedly por.... on the tv.....

Some parts of your body, you may have difficulty to control!

Karate exercise that did not go well..........

Awful smell in the shower.....

Easier and quicker to run out of the shower, if the prosthesis don't have soap under their shoes?

Little mistake..

Man is trying to make a confession, but forgets to turn off the tv, which will make the confession difficult for him.

Konrad Ragnarsson​

Tel. Iceland +3546254942

Germany +4915222027199

All photographs are copyright, all rights are reserved. My photographs may NOT be reproduced and/or used in any way without written permission.  Please contact me if you want to use my photos.


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